Quit whining over Christians! – Nationalist Party of Canada

“Your whining for Christmas and Christians makes me want to puke.” – Don Andrews, Leader, Nationalist Party of Canada, Toronto.

Oh dear, oh dear! The above is an extract from some kind of missive allegedly “forwarded” to me by Don Andrews on October 8th.  That was nine days ago, but I have not as yet received anything.  In fact, the only reason I am aware of this missive is that I Google my name once in a while to see if anyone is bad-mouthing me…

Here is the full item, copied and pasted from the Nationalist Party of Canada’s website:

Quit Whining Over Christians

Forwarded to blogger Jeff Goodall

October 8, 2013

Your whining for Christmas and Christians makes me want to puke. What have they done for white nationalism, white racists, or men in general? The feminist communist mythology has to go; anyone whining for it is crying for the same loser reasons that led us to this feminist/commie tyranny that non-thinking reactionaries are quick to cry about. At least you have the courage to do yours under your own name, while the wimps in Stormfront and other suck-assed “racialist” sites don’t include the Nationalist Party site links in their lists.

So much for white unity from white wimps and traitors, the real cause of the white race malaise. You’re either a white racist, or you’re not.

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

While I have little interest in getting into a “pissing match” with Don Andrews, that decision may already have been made for me.  And, a response provides an opportunity for me to put my views on Christianity into perspective.

Andrews seems to equate Christianity with “feminist communist mythology” and “feminist/commie tyranny”.  That, together with the other terminology contained in his critique, seems to be designed for effect rather than enlightenment, and is thus impervious to interpretation.

My attitude towards Christianity has been greatly affected by the infiltration of the clergy, of all denominations, by both liberals and socialists.  Several decades ago, the Salvation Army withdrew from the World Council of Churches on the grounds that it was a Communist front.

However, the important thing to remember within the racial context is that our enemies identify White people as Christians, and when they attack Christianity they believe that they are attacking us as a whole; we are all being targeted, whether we are God-fearing churchgoers, determined agnostics, or anywhere in-between.

And although it is presently little more than a sad caricature of what it once was, I am not prepared to abandon Christianity and its positive effects on our civilization simply because our enemies have had such deplorable success in both using and undermining it.

And finally, contrary to the impression given in Andrews’ “critique”, I do not carry a link to the NPC website, and this is partly because I don’t appreciate the occasional negative and insulting characterizations of British people which I have seen there over the years.

Nor do I identify with the intemperate language often used, the frequent typos, and the basic tenor and approach of the website as a whole.

Jeff Goodall.