Another cop found guilty of excessive violence

“This type of conduct will not be tolerated… Not now, not ever. This law applies to everyone – me, the king and the common man.” – Justice Lorne Chester.

In the news story “Barrie cop in mall beating sentenced to year in jail” appearing in the Toronto Sun yesterday, we are told that a Barrie police officer who beat a defenceless civilian black-and-blue three years ago, inflicting injuries still causing memory loss and loss of concentration, has been sentenced to one year in jail.

Constable Jason Nevill was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm, obstructing justice, and fabricating the evidence in his notebook.  Additionally, Justice Chester observed that Nevill didn’t seem to think that he had done anything wrong.

Of course, Nevill’s lawyer will be filing an appeal, and he will soon be free again, sitting at home on full pay, while this matter drags through the courts for another year or two.  He has already been off work for three years on the public dime. (Note: As it happens, this wasn’t how it worked out.  See “Update” below).

I notice that in the story, Nevill is described as being “large and muscled”.  While this is not proof of anything, I think it contributes to the need for police officers to be routinely tested for steroid use, as this can cause explosive behaviour (‘roid rage) in heavy users, and Nevill’s violent behaviour and lack of remorse indicates the possibility of “mood alteration” such as can be caused by heavy steroid use.

We are not told if Nevill’s lawyer is being paid by the local police association, but that is pretty-much a given.  And if so, it would be interesting to know how the majority of responsible, law-abiding officers feel about such expenditures.

I hope that Nevill’s appeal backfires on him.  Appeals court judges can increase sentences as well as reduce them…

Jeff Goodall.

Read the Toronto Sun article here.


Const. Nevill is now suspended without pay following his conviction for assault.

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