China to buy majority stake in future UK nuclear plants?

“The MoU, (memorandum of understanding), signed by UK treasury secretary Lord Deighton and Xu Yongsheng, head of China’s National Energy Administration, sets the strategic framework for collaboration on investment, technology, construction and expertise… Further to the MoU, UK-based International Nuclear Service has also signed an agreement with Chinese Nuclear Power Engineering Company Ltd to share UK experience on radioactive waste management, under which Chinese technicians will begin initial training activities in the UK later this month.” (Emphasis added).

In their analysis “China cleared to buy into UK nuclear plants” posted on October 17th, “World Nuclear News” tells us of a shocking scheme by the British government to allow China to invest in Britain’s “next generation” of nuclear power plants up to and including having a majority of ownership.

Perhaps equally as shocking as the U.K. government allowing such massive investment in Britain’s vital power infrastructure by China is the fact that France already owns and operates all but one of the UK’s currently operating nuclear power plants through its EDF Energy subsidiary.

When, oh when, will control of vital resources and infrastructure come to be seen as a matter of national security, and not just as a matter of economics?  It is a wonderment to me that the British government could allow France, with whom we have shared almost 1,000 years of hostility and competition, to buy vital infrastructure on which the nation depends.

And the Chinese are our ideological opponents, with an appalling record of human rights abuses matched only by their utter disdain for ecological considerations.  Every time Westerners buy Chinese goods, even if it is just canned goods or cheap clothing, we are participating in our own destruction by enabling the Communists to buy up our countries using our own money.

Those whom the gods would destroy…

Jeff Goodall.

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