Canadian charities support Israeli racist discrimination

“In Canada it is illegal to restrict the sale of property to certain ethnic or religious groups but many of our business people and politicians promote an organization that does exactly that in Israel… Ottawa provides financial and political support to the Jewish National Fund, which owns 13 percent of Israel’s land and has significant influence over most of the rest… the JNF’s bylaws and lease documents contain a restrictive covenant stating its property will not be leased to non-Jews.”

 “JNF are the caretakers of the Land of Israel on behalf of its owners, who are the Jewish people everywhere around the world.” – Frank A. Wilson, head of JNF Canada.

On October 23rd, The Palestine Chronicle article “Does Harper support JNF’s racist land use policies?” tells us of the chummy attitude taken by the Harper government towards Israeli racism and discrimination in property rights.  This is aimed primarily against Arabs, who can be Muslim – or Christian.

Despite the anti-Christian bias contained in the JNF’s “restrictive covenant”, the Canadian branch of the JNF has charitable status, and collects from $7 – 10 million annually, of which some 40% effectively comes from the public coffers.  No doubt the JNF is equally favoured in other Western, Christian countries.

Elsewhere in the article, we are told that “Independent Jewish Voices has launched a campaign to revoke the JNF Canada’s charitable status for its racist land use policies and role in dispossessing Palestinians. On December 1 Harper will be greeted by protesters in Toronto while a protest is also planned for the JNF gala in Ottawa on October 29.”

It’s too bad a Christian organization doesn’t have a programme to seek the removal of charitable status from all organizations (including Christian Zionists) collecting for discriminatory, racist, and anti-Christian purposes anywhere in the world.

Jeff Goodall.

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