Perils of diversity – October 26th, 2013

This is a new sub-category, and I will be using it to highlight immigrant crime and offensive culturally-based activities.

Examples will primarily be taken from my neck of the woods, which runs from Newcastle in the east to Pickering in the west, and spills over into Scarborough somewhat.  It will also include examples from elsewhere, and I will be looking for any prior posts which might qualify, to be included here also.

When I moved to Oshawa in 1994, I could go downtown, walk around for an hour or so, and come back without seeing any Blacks at all, except the occasional one hanging around the bus station waiting for his “ho’s” to arrive from Toronto.  Now, I can’t get to the top of my street without seeing at least one of them, often of working age and hanging around doing nothing.

Crime is way up even by Oshawa standards, and the quality of life here is deteriorating noticeably.  At some point I might start sitting-in at the local courts, documenting who is being charged with what.

And Blacks are not the only perpetrators, as will be seen in this and future postings -Jeff G.

Six items in total…

Durham: Fraud suspect was a “co-ordinator of cheque-signing” for Ontario government

Ajax: Teenager robbed by five Blacks, one “whigger”

Oshawa: Two students swarmed, one stabbed

Whitby: Car shipped to Nigeria, false insurance claim made

Oshawa: Wallet stolen in supermarket

Scarborough: Gang war over drugs – photo of suspects says it all…