“Anonymous” warning: L.A. false-flag event today?

“We have received intel related to the possible destruction of one of downtown Los Angeles’s towers, being set up as a false flag event on Friday, November fifteenth two thousand and thirteen. Over the weekend, SWAT teams were conducting drills in downtown Los Angeles unlike any completed in the past. The Citi Bank building that is currently occupied by Freddie Mac just recently dropped all insurance policies except for the policy portion which contains special conditions, coverages related to terrorism, which is all risk of direct physical damage. The certificate holder for this policy is located at 444 South Flower Street, Los Angeles…”

The above is taken from an interesting item posted yesterday by “Van‘s Hardware Journal” and picked up from “Beowolf”.  It may well be a somewhat well-researched prank, government propaganda, someone else’s propaganda, or perfectly true, but either way, it is an interesting read.

If it is a legitimate warning, that would indicate that “Anonymous” monitors the stock markets and other relevent sources, looking for sudden movements indicating that “someone” has fore-knowledge of upcoming events, and wants to cash in financially.  There were some very interesting investment activities in airline stocks, for example, immediately prior to the 9/11 attacks.

The reference to SWAT teams conducting exercises in downtown LA is interesting, as such exercises have occurred simultaneously or immediately prior to other terrorist attacks, including the London subway bombings in July 2005.

Of course, if nothing happens, then “Anonymous”, (if it is indeed “Anonymous”), can claim to have saved untold numbers of lives.  But in any event, I find this warning rather interesting, whether it is legitimate or not.

And if enough “false warnings” should be made over time, by Anonymous or by anyone else, casualties will be much higher when a real attack occurs, as people will have been conditioned to ignore such warnings…

A bizarre sign of the times, perhaps.

Jeff Goodall.

Read the “Van‘s Hardware Journal” entry here.

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