Israel Lobby – Nov. 26th, 2013

“The lobby is international: Israel’s Fifth Column never sleeps”

U.S:  “Weak and retreating… cannot be counted on” – Anti-Defamation League (New role?)

U.K: New “ministerial stooge” slotted in at the Foreign Office.

U.S: “Push has finally come to shove, with the unseemly sight of Israeli government officials and AIPAC lobbyists fanning out on Capitol Hill to actively discredit the Obama administration’s attempt to craft a deal with Iran to bring the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program back under comprehensive international safeguards.

After being supported for decades by tens of billions in American taxpayer dollars, free defense equipment, and unquestioning and limitless political support on countless occasions, Israel has shown its gratitude by biting the hand of its principal benefactor.” (Emphasis added).