Canada’s refugee system and White European dispossession

“Under Canada’s system, there is no effective pre-screening procedure to separate the obviously unfounded claims from those that are genuine. As a result, all who submit a claim receive a quasi-judicial hearing before the IRB to determine if they are to receive refugee status. In most cases, the claimant also receives free legal assistance when appearing before the IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board)… The problem is that although the IRB finds that almost 60 per cent of the claims are false, (this is far too low -JG), there are so many claimants, (that) it can take two years or more for a claim to be heard. In the meantime, the claimant is entitled to welfare, free medical care and other services as well as having permission to work in Canada.”

The above is taken from a posting by “Immigration Watch Canada”, taken in turn from James Bissett’s “Abusing Canada’s Generosity and Ignoring Genuine Refugees” published by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

Read it and weep.

One would think that if government mistakes and stupidities take place purely as the result of happenstance, then once in a while a mistake would be made from which we would benefit.  But this is never the case

It seems that the best we can hope for with our political parties is that they will occasionally lower the rate of immigration and “refugee” abuse, not to mention “family re-unification”, as they have now spent several decades making no attempt whatsoever to actually put a stop to it.

Instead, they compete with each other to cater to the “immigrant vote”.  Our foreign policy, and in particular our aid and disaster donations, have been greatly distorted by that, often to our disadvantage.

Why are our politicians, of all parties, in genocidal lock-step when it comes to swamping and disinheriting Canada’s founding races, the British, French, and other White Europeans who constructed a thriving, modern country from the wilderness?

Why is free debate never allowed on this subject, and why are those objecting to their disinheritance being marginalized, discriminated against, and even prosecuted by the state for expressing their opinions?

I believe that Jewish organizations have a great deal to do with this, see links below.

As we read elsewhere in the article: “…thousands of failed claimants are able to stay, and this adds to the attractiveness that Canada has for others who wish to use the asylum route to gain entry. The name of the game is to gain entry to the country; for the vast majority of claimants, whether their refugee claim is eventually successful or not is irrelevant. They will get to stay.”  (Emphasis added -JG).

We are rapidly approaching the point where unwanted aliens will outnumber us at the ballot-box, and our democratic system will become the instrument of our destruction.  And at that point, once the invaders think that they can control us, the anti-White discrimination and dispossession will kick into overdrive.

Just look at America under President Obama, with all the Black “swarmings” and “knockout game” atrocities, to get an idea of what may happen.

And then, we can expect massive outbreaks of violence, followed by race war, as previously unresponsive Whites finally wake up to their mortal danger.  It’s just as simple as that.

It is time for a political party to emerge which will attack the problem front-and-centre, and ensure our survival.  And if you think I am joking, just take a look at the racial makeup of our schools and prison populations.

This is our future, unless another Winston Churchill comes along to ensure our survival.

And Winston Churchill is dead.  We will have to do it ourselves, or else…

Jeff Goodall.

Read the “Immigration Watch Canada” article here.

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