Ontario Federation of Labour’s Sid Ryan quick to show true colours…

(Originally published May 18th, 2010).

The following press release was recently issued by the Ontario Federation of Labour:

Ontario Federation of Labour

May 15, 2010 11:12 ET                                    

OFL: Pro-Choice Movement “Die-In” at Minister Bev Oda’s Office

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – May 15, 2010) – Sid Ryan, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour, will participate in today’s event to demonstrate the labour movement’s disgust at attempts to overturn women’s access to abortion in Canada and its refusal to include safe abortions in its international maternal health initiatives.

“Stephen Harper is condemning women all over the globe to die because of the Conservative government policy of restricting abortion access in developing countries,” says Michelle Robidoux of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics.

“The labour movement was at the forefront of securing women’s right to choose. The Harper government is also working diligently to remove access for Canadian women. This will now become a major issue for the G-20. We’ll do whatever it takes,” says Sid Ryan.

WHERE: Minister Bev Oda
68 King Street East
Bowmanville, Ontario
WHEN: 12 Noon, TODAY, Sat. May 15, 2010

ORGANIZED BY: The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics

For more information, please contact

Sid Ryan

Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics
Michelle Robidoux

(Emphasis added – JG).

Lynn Simmons

In a “Full Comment” article published in the National Post on September 9th 2009 (see here), I said in part: “…despite almost 20 years as the CUPE Ontario boss, he has never once submitted to an open vote by all the CUPE members in Ontario; he holds office by virtue of delegates, overwhelmingly selected from the NDP-Marxist activists and social workers who swarm all over CUPE, bleeding it dry of the funds needed for bargaining and for enforcing the collective agreement.”

And, “Think about Ryan prancing around on the world stage, able to use the dues money of all union members in Ontario, not just those in CUPE.”

The OFL’s joint press release with The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics was thoroughly predictable, and is a typical usage of the members’ dues-money to advance political objectives, untrammeled by any concern for the opinions and wishes of those paying the freight.

There will be more of this – much more.

Jeff Goodall