Obama trying to ram “AIPAC’s candidate” into Federal Reserve

“(Stanley) Fischer’s controversial attributes – such as overhauling how U.S. aid and trade packages are delivered to Israel – have been mostly ignored… the doors of federal government have long swung open for Israel-lobby appointees focusing most – if not all – their energies on advancing the interests of a foreign state… As Bank of Israel governor, Stanley Fischer played a central role in coordinating the implementation of AIPAC-generated sanctions against Iran.”

The above quotes are taken from Grant F. Smith’s article “AIPAC’s Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath against Iran: Dual-citizen nominee’s lifetime benefit to Israel comes at a heavy cost to America” appearing on the “Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy” website on December 24th 2013, link below.

It is a lengthy, well-researched item exploring nominee Stanley Fischer’s past activities on behalf of Israeli interests.  He was born in Northern Rhodesia, (Zambia), and is a dual-citizen of the United States and Israel.

His work on behalf of Israel includes helping to influence Ronald Reagan to change interest-bearing loans to Israel into foreign aid; “After the input of Fischer’s team, subsequent U.S. aid was delivered in the form of outright grants paid directly from the U.S. Treasury – never to be repaid or conditioned when Israel took actions the U.S. opposed.”

The attempt to get Fischer approved is being advanced remarkably quickly, and is being carried out in such a way as to avoid senate scrutiny and debate.  As Grant Smith observes, “That is unfortunate, since Israel and its U.S. supporters have many hidden reasons for wanting stronger influence at the Fed that they would likely prefer not to discuss.”

In that respect, it is crucial to keep in mind that Fischer was heavily involved in the disastrous  “free trade” agreement with Israel, signed 28 years ago, which has resulted in recent  U.S. trade imbalances of some $1-billion a year.  He thus has a track record for not just favouring Israel, but for doing so without any concern for the cost to America.

As Grant also points out, Fischer will be in a position to “prepare the U.S. financial system for the fallout of Israeli military attacks on Iran.”   In such an event, “(Israel) would benefit immensely from having Fischer inside the Fed, protecting the financial flows Israel now regards as all but a birthright from its primary global underwriter.”  (Emphasis added -JG).

And finally, in a chilling warning, Grant observes that “AIPAC, Fischer’s co-author of harmful U.S. economic policies on behalf of Israel, likely sees the Fischer appointment as an important test case to assess American tolerance for openly dual Israeli-American citizens running key U.S. federal agencies.”

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse…  To repeat what I have said before, “When American politicians try to out-compete each other in promises to provide financial and military aid to Israel, trying to address America’s pressing economic problems, such as the slow collapse of its infrastructure and the crushing problems of poverty and unemployment, loses all meaning.

“In my opinion, Israel is trying for the grand-slam, to extract as much treasure from America as is possible before it collapses, with the intention of doing so in time to attack and destroy arch-enemy Iran. After that, armed with the third or fourth largest nuclear arsenal in the world, Israel won’t care in the least about America or what happens to it.

“Wake up, America! Your doom is standing right in front of you and screaming in your face.”

At the time of writing, a Google search does not indicate whether or not Fischer has actually been appointed yet.

But Janet Yellen, who will be Fischer’s only boss, has just been confirmed by Senate vote as Chair of the Federal Reserve, by a vote of 56-26.  Media reports indicate that “many” senators missed the vote because of airline cancellations due to frigid weather, and according to Wikipedia, this is “the narrowest margin ever for the position.”

As Yellen is Jewish, it seems unlikely that she would be anti-Israel.  And her number-two-man Fischer, if appointed, has a solid  track record of acting on Israel’s behalf to the wilful detriment of American interests.

Obama does indeed seem to be in Israel’s pocket, and only a massive outcry from concerned citizens to their senators will stand any chance of preventing this further infiltration of America’s economic power in favour of a foreign state.  That is all that prevented Obama from attacking Syria last year.

It seems that my fears are rapidly coming to fruition, and that time is rapidly running out for America to prevent Fischer’s accession to this key position.

Jeff Goodall.

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