Jeff Goodall – Introduction (May 4th, 2010).

It has been a long time since I first wanted to have my own website, in order to offer opinion and commentary on matters of interest and concern to me.

Back in the Sixties, a friend told me that to be able to speak freely in Canada, one must have “a property which is paid for, and a source of income they can’t touch”. Certainly, one can’t express oneself freely through the main-stream media, (MSM), as they willingly censor contributions for fear of attacks by special interest groups, perhaps using “lawfare” or Human Rights Commissions to strangle healthy debate and the free expression of ideas.

It can be very difficult to get anything which is “politically incorrect” posted on the Toronto newspaper websites, and anything they do post is often taken down within a few hours.

I now own a lot more of my house than the bank does, and my primary income is from pensions. You can’t get fired or laid-off from a pension! And, people aren’t stripped of their pension entitlements for their political views in Canada, at least not yet. As an added bonus, I don’t have an employer to worry about. After several years of sacrificing to get the mortgage balance down, my finances are much improved, and now is the time for me to try spreading my wings, and do what I really want to do.

My initial plans are to put up all the columns I wrote which were published in Judi McLeod’s Our Toronto / Toronto Free Press / Canada Free Press.  I will include some columns by Judi regarding items I had written, some supportive and others highly critical, to provide balance.

I will also be posting copies of articles by newspaper columnists regarding my union activities, as well as letters to the editor, memorandums I issued as a union executive, and anything else that fits the bill.

For a change in pace, I will be putting up some wild-life photos I took in Toronto’s Don Valley and elsewhere, and most importantly, I will try to post daily commentary, with particular regard to issues which are important to me, and those which the MSM tends to neglect or avoid.

The site will inevitably be controversial, and no-one but myself will be responsible for current and future postings.  I am not interested in posting comments by others, as that is open for abuse.

Communism was the big issue when I was young, and the reality of the Cold War and the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) were brought home to me by the Cuban Missile Crisis, which took place when I was a Junior Trooper in the Royal Armoured Corps stationed at Bovington Camp in Dorset. In the event of a nuclear attack, we were to crew tanks and other armoured vehicles, (which provide a good degree of protection from radioactive fallout), and under Regular Army supervision, go out and obtain radiation readings and radio them in. Quite a sobering experience at the age of 16!

I emigrated to Canada in 1966, just turned 20, and after two years joined the recently-formed Edmund Burke Society, a “small-c” limited government anti-communist organization that was willing to get into street-fights with pro-communist demonstrators, such as those of the pro-Viet Cong “Canadian National Liberation Front”. I learned a great deal from that, and served as the EBS Press Officer for a year or two before leaving to form my own group as the EBS prepared to become the Western Guard, moving itself a lot further right than I was prepared to go. But, friendships with people I had met in the EBS continued on an individual basis into the mid-Seventies and even later.

After six years as a bookkeeper / paymaster in the trucking industry, I commenced working in the Metropolitan Toronto Treasury Dept. on November 5th of 1976, and started attending union meetings.  After frequently coming up against union goons at demonstrations, I associated unions with communism as well as socialism, and I wanted to see what they were spending my dues money on. I found plenty to argue about, and became active in the union, spending as much time fighting with the union as was spent fighting with management. I spent an aggregate six years as a steward, and fourteen years on the Executive Board, filing hundreds of grievances on behalf of members throughout the Metropolitan Toronto Unit and the City of Toronto Unit.

Of course, I couldn’t get ahead in the labour movement because of my politics, (I applied to be a CUPE National business representative), and I couldn’t get promoted at work because of my union activities. I was hired as a Clerk Grade 2, and left 25 years later as a Clerk Grade 2.

In June of 2000 I was fired after accusations of “racism”. The complainant was never identified, although I found out who it was on the same day. Interestingly, I had commenced a series of whistle-blowing articles in Canada Free Press just a couple of months previously, against Mel Lastman and Wanda Liczyk, leaders of the North York takeover of the previous Metropolitan Government at the time of amalgamation. The timing invites suspicion, to say the least, and the charge of “racism” was never tested in any forum.

I requested expedited arbitration, and before the proceedings even commenced, I was approached by the City and offered a settlement. I was offered my sick-bank payout, (five months of salary), plus a leave of absence on full pay until I qualified for a pension, (some 15 months more salary), full medical and dental benefits to age 65, (I was 54 at the time), and Article #1 of the Memorandum of Settlement for my grievance states that I had not been fired.

Obviously, the charge of “racism” was a stratagem to get rid of me. The person “complaining” made no effort to pursue the matter, and the City of Toronto certainly didn’t, probably because I could have used the arbitration system to defend myself, rather than being subjected to the kangaroo-court tactics of their human rights enforcers. And, there is little doubt that I could have done so successfully.

The City obviously wanted me gone, and a friend with contacts in the Chief Administrative Officer’s dept. told me later that was indeed the case.

My speculation is that I was annoying Mayor Lastman and drawing a lot of unwanted attention to Chief Financial Officer Wanda Liczyk, as copies of CFP were provided gratis to all City councillors. Liczyk later came to grief over the Great Computer Scandal, and following Madam Justice Denise Bellamy’s formal inquiry she was subsequently stripped of her Chartered Accountant designation for six months, and ordered to pay $22,000 in fines and costs by a CA disciplinary committee.

The reason I am providing this information is that I expect to be controversial, and I expect to find myself under personal attack for my opinions and beliefs. So, I would just as soon you hear about this from me first!

I expect the site to be somewhat chaotic while I learn how to use it properly, and it may be a few months before everything is up and running properly. In the meantime, please be patient; many CFP articles will have to be scanned from hard copies.

And now the journey begins!

Jeff Goodall