The Israel trip: Has Stephen Harper finally lost it?

It’s hard to know where to start here, but if you want to examine Harper’s “rock star welcome”  and performance in Israel, just peruse the links below.

I am absolutely astonished that Harper would completely ignore Israel’s on-going seizures of Palestinian land, vicious military occupation of Palestine, and unwillingness to hold back “settlers” who attack Palestinians, damage their property, and destroy their trees and crops.

And now Harper has the nerve to say that criticism of Israel constitutes “anti-Semitism”?

What is there not to criticize about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians?

The only reason I don’t think that Harper has totally “lost it” yet is that the Foreign Affairs website still proclaims that settlements are illegal, and an obstacle to peace-  then again, that might not last much longer…

How is Canada to have any chance of being perceived as an honest broker in world affairs after this?  Harper certainly doesn’t represent me on Israel.

What an appalling exhibition.

Jeff Goodall.

Nine items in total…

Pre-trip: Harper “rocks out” for Israel here.

Pre-Trip: Harper “full throated, unapologetic and seemingly indifferent to consequence in his support for Israel” here.

21 Rabbis join PM Stephen Harper for Israel trip (at taxpayer expense, as with other “stakeholders”) here.

Rock star welcome for “my good friend Stephen” here.

Stephen Harper cheered at Western Wall here.

Harper to become first Canadian leader to address Israeli parliament here.

Humour, and a little bit of common sense from Foreign Affairs…

Israeli PM Stephen Harper returns after long visit in Canada here.

Canada’s Foreign Ministry on eve of Harper visit: Settlements are illegal, obstacle to peace here.

An American viewpoint…

Zionist puppet Harper at it again here.