“Black Racism, White Victims”

John Publius (pseudonym) – self-published.

Here is my Amazon review, I purchased the book and just finished reading it a few days ago.

“This book is a useful guide to the kind of pervasive anti-White discrimination to be found in America, (and also in Canada, in my experience), at school, at work, and on the street.

It is a thoroughly useful store of information, which puts a lot of day-to-day situations into an accurate and practical perspective, and provides usable advice on how to deal effectively with the omni-present Black assaults on White rights and equality.

The author explores a stunning phenomenon which could be described as the ‘overseer mentality’, in which some Blacks identify with their past oppressors, and try to emulate them both in the ghetto, and in their dealings with Whites, Asians, foreign-born Blacks, and others.

Clearly indicated, but not dwelt upon, is that there is no hope for any meaningful Black ‘emancipation’ for many of them, until they learn to shed their self-imposed culture of ‘victimhood’ and move into White society by accepting the importance of education and the need for ‘legal’ as opposed to criminal careers and occupations.

In my own opinion, such negative and self-indulgent attitudes wouldn’t last too long unless supported by White-financed cradle-to-grave welfare, but that’s another story.

I give ‘Black Racism, White Victims’ a four out of five rating only because of the unfortunate ‘typos’ which detract from an otherwise excellent book.”

Jeff Goodall.

You can purchase “Black Racism, White Victims” here.