Canada: Official anti-White racism rears its ugly head – again

“In addition to the legal and constitutional barriers to equality for all, is the leftist, “politically correct” mindset adopted by liberals, unions, religious denominations, and all of the other usual suspects, plus an astonishing culture of ‘entitlement’…  In the meantime, a white person from Newfoundland, whose family history in the New World goes back 400 years or more, must take second place to a recently-arrived third-worlder, whose ancestors have contributed precisely nothing to this country.”

Official anti-White racism continues, this time in Ontario and Calgary:

“We are lousy at promoting a diverse workforce. When you look at our management levels within the city, my top six managers, there are no women right now… There are no people of a visible minority” – Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi here.

Perhaps Calgary’s “racial problem” is its voters? – commentary here.

The Ontario promotions project – only those who “self-identify as a black female” need apply here.

Premier Kathleen Wynne “100%” supportive of an Ontario Public Service internship program available only to “self-identified black females” here.

Hiring on basis of race, gender is wrong – Toronto Sun editorial here.

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