“Mossad” threat to critics of Israel?

“European financial institutions are providing a useful barometer of the mood among the 28 EU member states. They have become the unexpected pioneers of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement… Pressure on these various fronts may explain Netanyahu’s hasty convening last weekend of his senior ministers to devise a strategy to counter the boycott trend. Proposals include a $28 million media campaign, legal action against boycotting institutions, and intensified surveillance of overseas activists by the Mossad.” (Emphasis added – JG.)

Heaven forbid that I should ever have anything good to say about the European Union, but as far as Israel is concerned they may be on the right track for once!  The above quotes are taken from a lengthy, in-depth analysis “Tide turns against Israel: Pariah status and isolation lie ahead” by Jonathan Cook, appearing in The Palestine Chronicle two days ago.

I find it very heartening that the world is starting to rebel against the Israel Lobby and the organized Jewish support for Israel, which largely consists of vicious attacks and accusations of “anti-Semitism” against those who stand up against the Zionist juggernaut in support of human rights and respect for international law, as well as buying or threatening American senators and congressmen.

And what does the reference to Mossad involvement imply?  If this proposal is put into effect, will the parliamentary and other elected representatives of countries world-wide be subjected to “intensified surveillance”?

Will newspaper reporters, and even bloggers like myself, be put under the microscope by agents of the Israeli government?

Surveillance itself is pretty-much meaningless unless action is taken to bring the observed activities to an end.  Will the Mossad be used to intimidate critics of Israel, and perhaps even permanently shut them up if they refuse to “co-operate”?

In my opinion, any country that has even a modest commitment to free speech should regard this “proposal” as an extremely serious threat to their sovereignty.

Israel at present is a nasty, vicious blot on the human landscape, and I hope that by uniting and taking decisive action, the world will be able to bring its massive and ongoing abuses of human rights and international relations to an end.

As Jonathan Cook says at the conclusion of his article, “The delegitimization of Israel is truly under way, and the party doing most of the damage is the Israeli leadership itself.”

How very true.

Jeff Goodall.

See “Tide turns against Israel: Pariah status and isolation lie ahead” here.

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