Book Suggestions – Feb. 22nd, 2014

This is a sub-category in which I highlight books of interest which I don’t have time to read and post reviews of, but which may well attract the attention of readers of this blog.

Five items in total…

“If I Had a Son’: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman” – Investigative reporter Jack Cashill takes a look at the railroading of George Zimmerman, and what he calls the “Black Grievance Industry”, as well as how “race hustlers” such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton “become arbiters of what we are allowed to say in the national conversation on race.”  Lengthy review by Gerald Martin of American Renaissance, see here.

“Willard Garvey: An epic life” – An interesting review by The Independent Institute; Garvey was a “crusader against the overreach of government bureaucracy (who) ceaselessly fought for his fellow man to have the opportunities for success he had enjoyed…”  See here.

“The Shadow Factory: The ultra-secret NSA from 9/11 to the eavesdropping on America” – Author James Bamford says the NSA thinks that Israel’s booming high-tech industry is “a branch of the Mossad”.  Lengthy review by Haaretz, see here.

“The Jewish Slave” – Being authored by a Rabbi, this book will highlight the Jewish role in the African slave trade.  Publication scheduled for this April.  Lengthy review by The Jewish Journal, see here.

“Extortion: How politicians extract your money, buy votes, and line their own pockets” – Peter Schweizer.  Review by Randall Holcombe of The Independent Institute: “Take a look, if you want to see a depressing description of the way politics in Washington really works.”  See here.