Toronto Police Chief accused of possible misconduct

“The police chief believes he is the judge, jury and executioner. In my opinion, this creates a bias towards the mayor… This compromises the chief.”  Councillor Doug Ford, brother of Mayor Rob Ford, who also objected to Toronto Police Services Board member Andy Pringle taking a fishing trip with Police Chief Bill Blair, saying “We cannot have a police board member being the police chief’s fishing buddy”.

I remember watching Chief Blair on TV when he spoke of watching the controversial “crack video” footage of  Mayor Ford, and how he sneered visibly and contemptuously when saying how “disappointed” he was in the Mayor.

I wasn’t best pleased with Ford, but I certainly didn’t appreciate Blair’s supercilious attitude, and his obvious attempt to discredit a person he undoubtedly sees as an enemy, political or otherwise.  We have only the Chief’s “opinion” of what the video contains, as it has yet to come into the public domain.  And so Chief Blair’s opinion cannot be challenged by Mayor Ford or anybody else outside the justice system.

I find that very offensive.  Blair holds high office, and has no need to take unfair advantage like that.  And the secondary complaint about taking one of his bosses, a member of the Police Services Board, on a fishing trip, should be grounds for a severe warning in its own right.

Rob and Doug Ford will undoubtedly end up answering for anything they may have done in the past, and Blair will have to answer as well, although in his case the process should be much quicker as the Office of the Independent Police Review Board Director’s investigation gets itself into gear.

And now we will have to wait for as long as it takes for the wheels to turn, and in a high-profile case like this, that could be a long time.

I will return to this issue later.

Jeff Goodall.

For background, see “OIPRD probing Doug Ford’s complaint against Chief Bill Blair” (Toronto Sun, Feb. 24th) here.

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