Canada’s Green Party supports responsible gun ownership

“The Green Party of Canada supports fair, balanced gun control legislation that protects the legal rights of hunters, sport shooters and collectors, while helping to keep our communities safe. Greens believe that responsible citizens pursuing legal activities with firearms ought to be free from the threat of criminalization…” – Elizabeth May, Green Party leader.

Well, at last and finally, Canada has a second political party that supports responsible gun ownership, and opposes the criminalization of gun owners by the RCMP arbitrarily declaring guns which were legally purchased to be “prohibited” after-the-fact.

Indeed, while Harper makes a fuss about gun rights, and did indeed put a stop to long-rifle registration, he has not stopped the police from continuing to use the registration lists that they were required to destroy, even as evidence in criminal trials.

And, the RCMP can still declare whatever weapons they please “prohibited”, and thus illegal to possess, with no ministerial oversight whatsoever.

I read about the Green Party’s position on gun control in my “daily digest” of gun/hunting/conservation news from the U.S. website “Ammoland”.  Much of their material is of no interest to me, or irrelevant to the Canadian scene, but I often find nuggets of useful information regarding both U.S. and Canadian political and legal issues, together with environmental information which I can use.

Googling “elizabeth may gun ownership” I found just a few hits, most recently from the New Year, so it would seem that her initiative is receiving scant attention, perhaps because that could make the Greens an alternative to the Conservatives…

There must be “many small-c” conservatives like me who are sick and tired of Bilderberger Harper’s top-down authoritarianism, and his grossly irresponsibly sell-outs to Communist China and to Israel.

We need a political home, and to that end, I am suggesting that Elizabeth May clearly outline her position on socialism.

I have always assumed the Greens to be left-of-centre, but with her announced position on gun rights, there may be hope for her yet.  I recently suggested she move to the right of centre, and will be following up on that.

Maybe there will be a political home for me after all…

Jeff Goodall.

Read the “Ammoland” article here.

You can find Elizabeth May at or view other contact information here.