“Nature / Environment / Critters” April 16th, 2014

Fourteen items in total…

Ukraine: Economic and political strife leaves thousands of zoo animals starving, without medicine

Romania: Angry villagers confront Chevron over fracking

Europe: Showdown with Russia spurs calls for more fracking to ensure energy supplies

General: Roundup “125 times more toxic” than active ingredient glyphosate by itself

Israel: Amputee turtle gets swimming fin

Africa: Chinese “merchants” are middle-men in soaring ivory poaching cases

U.S: Exports of corn to China down 85% after GMO ban

Latin America: Mercury use widespread in “informal”gold mining

Canada: Ontario Beekeeper’s Association “save the bees” petition

U.S: “Big energy” has Washington cover-up environmental pollution and disasters

China: Canadian embassy forced to upgrade air purification systems

General: Co-evolution of flowers and bees disrupted by chemicals

Japan: Fukushima contaminated waste in acquifer, can “erupt” from seabed offshore

U.S: Washington seeks to annul states’ mandatory GMO food-labelling

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