Outrage! Foreign workers imported and hired before Canadians

“…the government has suspended all pending foreign worker permits for the three McDonald’s locations owned by franchisee Glen Bishop and has blacklisted his franchise from using the program, pending the outcome of the probe… (McDonald’s team leader Kalen Christ) said a manager told staff the store wasn’t hiring because up to nine new Filipino workers were coming, who still haven’t arrived.  ‘I don’t understand how they could even use an excuse like that,’ said Christ.”

The above quotes are taken from a CBC-British Columbia story written by investigative reporter Kathy Tomlinson, which was posted to their website on April 14th.  It is a lengthy story, packed with relevant information, telling us how a Victoria-based McDonald’s franchise owner exploited the “temporary worker programme” to hire Filipinos while turning away Canadian applicants.

My purpose in writing about this report is to attract your attention to it, and to encourage you to read it in full.  It will be well-worth the effort.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Exclusive- McDonald’s accused of favouring foreign workers” here.