U.K. schools: Muslim “morality squads” smash Easter eggs

“My daughter tried to bring in an Easter egg for a friend and one boy grabbed it and smashed it against a wall…  Another girl of about 11 brought in a little Easter bunny toy that she wanted to show her friends. They grabbed that off her too.”

“Older boys are going round in these morality squads telling off girls if they do not wear veils…They bully the girls and stop them mingling with boys in the playground…”

The above quotes are taken from the Daily Express story “Islamic school militants confiscated Easter eggs” posted yesterday (1).  While immigrants are supposed to assimilate and fit in with the countries which accept them, Muslims have demonstrated themselves to be utterly intolerant of their “host” countries’ democratic and religious practices.

Indeed, it is clear that Muslims come to the West at least in part to wage war against the Infidels, and are generously funded in their efforts by oil-rich Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, not to mention our own stupidity in giving them welfare and housing.

Any opposition to their efforts to impose their religion and culture on us is met with accusations of “Islamophobia”, together with attempts to stifle freedom of expression through “hate” legislation, backed up with “lawfare” to break the financial resources of individual opponents.

The situation in the U.K. results partly from the establishment of “academy schools” which are self-governing and autonomous, answering only to the national Dept. of Education.  They bear a rough equivalency to the American “charter school” system which the Turkish “Fethullah Gulen” sect has been massively utilizing, using public funds.

As I said in a post on the issue linked to below (2), “The construction work is overwhelmingly given to Turkish-owned companies set up for that purpose regardless of open bidding, and thousands of Turkish nationals have been hired to work as teachers and at other jobs, often through the use of ‘H-1B’ visas. Catering companies and a plethora of other suppliers are also overwhelmingly Turkish-staffed and owned.”

The British “academy school” system was started with good intent, but has been grievously exploited by cynical opportunists wishing to wage religious warfare against us.

Muslims have exerted pressure to replace head teachers and board members with their own people, and have begun the process of “Islamizing” British education.  Girls are separated from boys, and symbols of Christianity are not allowed.

And, this is backed up by all-Muslim, all-male, student “morality squads” which, as we see above, think nothing of seizing Easter eggs and toys from children and smashing them.

This is being carried out according to a plan, dubbed “Operation Trojan Horse”, which we are told is “An alleged plot to oust some Birmingham head teachers and make their schools adhere to more Islamic principles…”

No less than four head teachers have already been replaced, and the negative results are quite evident.  In my opinion, a startling reduction of educational standards can soon be expected to follow.

But, it would seem that “the jig is up”, and that investigations are being made into this Muslim Jihadist abuse of the taxpayers money, thanks to the efforts of an anonymous whistle-blower.

We can only hope that corrective action will be taken when the results are in…

According to a Daily Mail article “Schools at the centre of Muslim Trojan Horse plot ‘to be put on special measures’ amid fears number affected has reached 25” (3), “Pupils at two of the schools said the theory of evolution was only covered ‘briefly’ in biology, sex education was banned, and lessons on the arts and literature severely restricted or abandoned… Despite these restrictions, Arabic lessons were compulsory for all students. Pupils were also encouraged to begin and end lessons with prayer, and loudspeakers were used to broadcast calls to prayer.”

“Muslim Council of Britain” activist Tahir Alam, who is reported to be in direct control of at least three schools through his multiple school governor positions, and who is alleged to be at the centre of the Trojan Horse plot, has been quoted as calling such allegations a “fabrication” resulting from “Islamophobia”.

The on-line Free Dictionary describes a phobia as “A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.”

We must remember that there is absolutely nothing irrational about having a fear of Islam.  It is a very rational and sensible reaction to an invasion by unassimilable hordes who adhere to a  religious ideology that has never developed past the 7th century AD, with the intention of dragging us down to their own primitive and barbaric level.

And this perfectly rational phobia must be solidly backed by strenuous and relentless efforts to force all those who come here to abide by our rules, or go back from whence they came.

Anything less than total victory against this onslaught will drag us back into the Dark Ages.

Jeff Goodall.

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