A Jewish take on Donald (Tokowitz) Sterling’s racism

“Put it this way: If you want to be a racist today, you’d better keep it to yourself. We can’t legislate decency, but we can shame bigotry like never before. In a digital world, where millions of sound bites can spread in seconds and never go away, unleash your bigoted impulses and watch your legacy go down in shame.” – David Suissa, Jewish Journal.

The above quote is from the article “Donald Tokowitz Sterling: A Jew minus” appearing on the Jewish Journal website on April 28th (1).

It gets better, or at least more revealing, as Suissa reviews Tokowitz’ name-change to Sterling; “Can you imagine the anti-Semitism that would have been rekindled today had it been billionaire Donald Tokowitz spewing these racist rants?… ‘Tokowitz the racist’ is exponentially worse for the Jews than ‘Sterling the racist’.”

Be that as it may, in my opinion, Sterling was expressing deeply-held personal opinions to a woman he was favouring financially and otherwise, in what was a private conversation.  He has every right to hold such opinions, as I see it.

It appears that the conversation was recorded by his trophy mistress, one V. Stiviano, possibly without his knowledge, and released to the press as an apparent act of spite after she was sued by Sterling’s wife.

It is reported that Stiviano may have 100 hours or more of tapes, thus inviting speculation as to her precise motives in becoming his mistress.  In my opinion, she comes out of it looking far worse than he does.

His “sins” were committed in private, and she is essentially rat-finking on him.  For an in-depth background on her, see (2) below.

In my opinion, it is rather disturbing to see Suissa so gleefully throwing Sterling under a bus.  Jewish organizations throughout the West are always telling us how desirable Third-World immigration and “diversity” are for us, and at the same time have a solid track record of advocating for Human Rights tribunals and other machinery to be set in place in order to deter and even “criminalize” any dissent by White Europeans against their being swamped by Third-Worlders possessing unassimilable customs and beliefs.

The United Nations definition of genocide (3) includes the following:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Parts (c) and (d) particularly apply to what is being done to us, (massive demographic changes, forced changes to accommodate newcomers, abortion legislation contrary to religious and personal views), plus the “mental harm” component of part (b).

In the West, the words “racist” and “anti-Semite” have been deliberately coined and loaded with distasteful negatives to the point that expressing any resistance to these Jewish objectives brings instant  public shaming and accusations of “bigotry” that few can withstand, particularly political and business leaders.

And yet, Israel proclaims itself to be a “Jewish state” and all there who are not Jewish are treated as second-class citizens.  Jewish-only cities, neighbourhoods, apartment buildings, and schools, can be found throughout Israel.

Over half a million Israelis live on territory forcibly taken from the Palestinians, and “settler” attacks on Muslims and “price tag” attacks on Christians are commonplace, with no meaningful penalties ever being imposed on the perpetrators.

In support of this, see (4) below.

This double standard is astonishing, and yet Suissa has the nerve to be thankful that no “anti-Semitism” is likely to arise from Sterling’s actions – simply because he changed his name.

How charming…

Let’s keep ourselves informed, and keep such issues in proper perspective, rather than jumping onto the media-orchestrated popular bandwagons.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – See “Donald Tokowitz Sterling: A Jew minus” here.

(2) – See “5 facts about V. Stiviano, the woman at the centre of the Sterling scandal” here.

(3) – See “The legal definition of genocide” here.

(4) – See also “Israel’s everyday racism — and how American Jews turn a blind eye to it” here.