The “war on racism” is a deliberate wave of political terror

“According to them, terrorism and crime are imaginary crises. Racism is the real threat. We have been fighting the War on Racism for over a century and even though the United States is less racist and more tolerant than most of the world, including Latin America, Asia and Africa, they are determined to keep the war going… Denunciations and purges polarize a society, destroy dissent and invariably lead to tyranny because witch hunters have a vested interest in manufacturing witches.”

The above is taken from Frontpage Magazine’s article “End the war on racism” by Daniel Greenfield appearing today.

In my opinion, the war against racism was won long ago, but there is so much political capital to be had in continually browbeating innocent White people, and so much money to be made, that the practitioners of “tolerance” will never willingly let go of their golden egg.

And as Greenfield says, “A paranoid society perpetually at war with itself has no future. Healthy societies debate issues. They don’t destroy people who disagree with them.”

Indeed.  This is an excellent in-depth article, and well-worth the read.

Jeff Goodall.

See “End the war on racism” here.