“Aboriginals” – Reservations and reality

“All the residents of Kashechewan will be moved in the course of the next day or so… We going to continue with more flights (Monday)” – Provincial spokesman Andrew Morrison – AND – “The community has faced rising flood waters for several days… Kashechewan has a history of spring time flooding…” (Emphasis added).

The above quotes are taken from the Canadian Press article “All residents of Kashechewan, Ont to be evacuated due to flooding” posted yesterday by CityNews Toronto.

This story leads into other related issues, in addition to the obvious stupidity of spending  taxpayer dollars to build an Indian reservation on a floodplain.  Some 2,000 people live there, and going by the photo included with the story, the houses look very suitable although they are surprisingly close to the James Bay shoreline.

But this recurring need to fly the residents down to Thunder Bay and elsewhere is by no means the only thing wrong with how we deal with and accommodate our aboriginals.

The whole idea of reservations is to allow Indians to live unmolested, the way they did before Europeans showed up and displaced them.  But if that is what they want, then how come we have to provide them with modern houses, running water, plumbing, heating, snowmobiles, etc?  Obviously they want the best of both worlds – a European level of comfort and consumption, but  with us paying all the bills.

In my opinion, either they should move to the cities and assimilate themselves economically – with cultural clubs and whatever else they need to maintain their identity – or we should take away the goodies and let them genuinely return to their traditional way of life.

The chiefs have been playing the “aboriginal” card very successfully for many years, some of them making more money than some Premiers, while ignoring their own people.

And as for Kashechewan, we spend a fortune building houses for them – on a flood plain – and then have to routinely pay to fly them out whenever the place gets wet?

I’m sick and tired of these expensive, never-ending stupidities.

Jeff Goodall.

See “All residents of Kashechewan, Ont to be evacuated due to flooding” here.

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