Are our universities cesspools of anti-White racism?

“Nowhere in the West will one find such fundamentalist fury as in the frenzies of campus political correctness on the subject of race… What’s most obnoxious about this trend is its blatant attempt to chase effort, merit, industry and determination off the field entirely.”

The above quotes are taken from Rex Murphy’s column “Check your bigotry” appearing in the National Post on May 17th. It explores the furious attempts by “politically correct” anti-racists to pillory all White people for the colour of their skin, and to suggest that everything they have and achieve is obtained simply on the basis of “privilige”.

Ability, effort, determination, all have no part to play; everything that a White person is and has was acquired simply on the basis of an assumed “privilege” arising from skin colour.

Perhaps a dearth of anything resembling real racism on campus has resulted in a kind of “bureaucratic momentum” in which greater and greater extremes are reached by the “Looney Left” in a desperate attempt to gain vindication for a purely ideological construct which has little basis in reality.

At Indiana’s Butler University, the $2.4 million endowment excludes Whites from receiving scholarships.  In “You’ll never believe what racist thing this College is doing to ‘punish’ white students” published recently by American Overlook, we are told this is so, and that as Butler is a private institution, it can discriminate as much as it likes.

When we go to Butler’s website, under “I noticed a number of scholarships in the Butler University Bulletin. How do I apply for these scholarships?” we find the following (1).

“The scholarships you are referring to in the Butler Bulletin are annual or endowed scholarships. Most are used to underwrite Butler University financial aid programs and cannot be applied for directly. However, by mid-March of each year, each department (college) is notified of any scholarship funds that are available for the following academic year. Departments then identify potential candidates for the scholarships based on the selection criteria of individual scholarships. The Office of Financial Aid works directly with departments to insure candidates meet individual scholarship criteria. Award letters are then sent to recipients detailing the scholarship requirements. Further inquiries can be directed to individual colleges.” (Emphasis added -JG).

Our race and the fine civilization which we have created are under malicious and remorseless attack, and the sooner White people realize and react to this mortal danger the better. Things will assuredly become much, much worse if we fail to act now.

Jeff Goodall.

See “Check your bigotry” here.

See “You’ll never believe what racist thing this College is doing to ‘punish’ white students” here.

(1) – See here. (FAQ item #17).