“Diversity” brings forced marriages and family violence…

“…service providers need to understand the issues such as class, caste, religion, family values and family structure if they hope to provide meaningful help… Durham Regional Police officers received training at the conference to help ‘develop cultural competency’… in some cultures a male police officer shouldn’t be alone in a room with a female. These are the kinds of things that can impact a whole investigation…”

The above quotes are taken from a recent two-part series on “South Asian” cultural issues and their manifestations, appearing in Oshawa This Week.  The articles are linked to below, and are well worth reading.

I am aware that Muslims, (the term “South Asians” is often a code-word for them), have demanded that Sharia law be recognized in Ontario, (McGuinty got that right, by refusing), and have made many demands for religious and cultural accommodation by our schools, police, legal system etc.

They even demand that police raids should not be carried out during their religious holy days, and several years ago, the RCMP actually apologized for executing search warrants on such days. It must be nice to have times when there is no need to fear unwanted police attention…

As I have said before, many Muslims, rather than trying to integrate into Canadian society, insist that we accommodate both they and their religious practices, and some have even demanded a ‘parallel society’ within Canada in which they can live their lives according to their own culture and religion.

“No-go” areas where police and others fear to tread are now common in Britain and Europe, and as the number of Muslims here increases, we can expect the same; our “open door” immigration policies have resulted in the importation of a myriad of racial and cultural problems where none previously existed.

Rather than catering to these people, such as in giving our police officers “cultural competency” training, we must stop allowing such disruptive and unassimilable aliens into our still primarily White, Christian societies.

And, we should begin to  ship back those who are already here when they outrage our sensibilities by committing honour killings, etc. – after they have served sufficient jail time to encourage compliance by others.

In Britain, Muslim girls often put spoons or other metal objects in their underwear so that when they are being sent to their homelands to be forced into unwanted “marriages” they set off the airport metal detectors, and are taken aside where they can then ask for help.

Where is the sense in bringing such people into our living space?

We should be training newcomers in “cultural competency” – our culture, that is

Jeff Goodall.

See “Pickering woman recalls facing threat of forced marriage” here, and “Durham conference addresses South Asian family violence” here.