Tea with the Queen

Buckingham Palace Garden Party: Chairman Nick Griffin takes ‘a million nationalists’ to the Palace

(See “BNP Chairman Nick Griffin banned by Buckingham Palace here.)

Dear Fellow Patriot,

“Hatemonger Griffin attends Palace party!” You can see the headlines now can’t you? Well, despite everything the hate-filled far-left opposition have thrown at all of us, Jackie and I, along with Andrew Brons MEP, WILL be attending Buckingham Palace this Thursday.

Who would have believed it ten, or even three, years ago? Remember the Establishment thought us no more than an annoying fringe party back then, they laughed at us and sometimes it hurt us, I know. One thing’s for sure, they’re not laughing now!

This event shows just how far this party has come in the last few years but I won’t be at the Palace for myself or my family. No! I will be there to represent the patriots who made this possible; I’ll be there for you.

I’ll be there for all the stout-hearted men and women who down through the turbulent years tramped the streets with me in all weathers knocking doors, and those who ran the gauntlets of hate wherever we went.

I will be there for all those who prayed for my safety and the success of our party and for those who sacrificed things so much so they could donate to our campaign funds, and for those who offered me shelter and friendship even in our darkest times.

And I will be there for the one million British patriots who now vote for this party despite all the hate from the media liars, the old parties and their thuggish far-left allies.

The headline should say ‘Nick Griffin takes a million nationalists to the Palace’ because on Thursday I will carry the mandate and aspirations of millions of my fellow Britons into the Palace, in my heart.

I will be there on your behalf, and I am proud to represent each and every one of you. Thank you all.

So, as it is you, the members, supporters and donors that have sent me to Her Majesty’s Garden Party, what should I say if – presumably due to some ghastly blunder by a courtier – I actually meet her?

I want you to give me your thoughts and what you would say in my position, (be reasonable now, I have no intention of taking up residence in the Tower!)

I will be there as your representative not on my own behalf, so please let me see what you would have me say on your behalf.

Please feel free to circulate this as widely as you wish, it’s important that all our people realise that Andrew Brons and I are going to the Palace on behalf of all the long-suffering Silent Majority.

Suggestions must be in by midday on Thursday at the latest. Thank you for your ideas, and all the loyal support and dedication that has made this highly symbolic breakthrough possible.

Nick Griffin, Chairman, British Nationalist Party