Ontario election results: Stupidity on steroids

Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government has been re-elected, this time with a comfortable majority, and the NDP (socialists) who propped them up for three years have gained several seats. All at the cost of the financially-responsible “Progressive Conservatives”.

This, despite ongoing multi-billion dollar deficits, and a provincial debt-load close to $300 billion. Not to mention the string of multi-billion dollar scandals, accusations of corruption, and two current Ontario Provincial Police investigations into document disappearances and mysteriously “wiped” hard-drives.

My own incumbent, conservative Jerry Ouellette, has been swept aside after serving for 19 years straight. It is a devastating loss. The NDP gal elected seems like a good person, but I noticed at the last all-candidates meeting that she was unable to answer several questions and passed on them. And even if she does get familiar with all of the issues, she is still a socialist…

This is disturbing, to say the least. “Until the 2009-10 fiscal year, Ontario was the only province to have never received equalization payments; in 2009-10 Ontario received $347 million” (1). That was after some six years of Liberal mis-management. Now, four years later, we have a debt-load almost twice that of California, and the people elected a majority government for even more of the same?

Our province may possibly survive Kathleen Wynne, but in the long term, it stands no chance whatsoever of surviving an electorate unable to differentiate between financial responsibility and reckless abandon.

According to the Fraser Institute, Ontario’s per-capita debt load is almost 5 1/2 times higher than that of California: “Despite the province’s smaller size, Ontario’s $267.5 billion (Cdn) outstanding government debt is higher than California’s $144.8 billion (US). As a share of the economy, Ontario’s bonded debt (the part of a government’s debt represented by bonds) is 40.9 per cent compared to California’s 7.6 per cent.” (2).

I’m wondering, can the federal government put Ontario under trusteeship? Because Canada’s one-time “economic engine” is rapidly becoming a very dangerous national liability…

Dear God, what a disaster.

How much of this can be attributed to foreign imports voting for more gravy-train largesse and  “affirmative action”?

Have we now reached the point that “minority” voting blocs can pick the carcass of White Canada totally clean? Does massive Third-World immigration mean that “democracy” is now becoming our enemy?

I have a few good years left, and I don’t want to spend them living as a spurned minority in the land that was built out of the wilderness by my racial kin and ancestors.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – See here; (2) – See here.

See “Now comes the implementation of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s budget” (June 14th) here for the ugly details of how the election results will affect the economy, and the investigations into the various scandals and wrong-doing by the Liberals.