“Operation Protective Edge” – Yet another assault on Gaza

There is not much need for me to write up anything original regarding the present attack on Gaza; all I have to do is reproduce my comments on “Operation Pillar of Cloud” which took place in 2012. But first, here is an account of the deaths and damage caused by Israel in 2009 which appeared in The Palestine Chronicle on Nov. 23rd, 2012:

“In 2009 when Israel’s 22-day blitzkrieg was over, nearly 1,400 Palestinians had been wiped off the planet of whom four-fifths were civilians and 350 children, and over 5,000 wounded… Israel had destroyed or damaged 58,000 homes, 280 schools, 1,500 factories, water and sewage installations and 80 percent of agricultural crops. The cost to Gaza’s civilian infrastructure was estimated at $660 to 900 million while the total economic cost was put at $3 to 3.5 billion.”

Here are my comments, taken from “Gaza: A murderous, genocidal attack by Zionist supremacists” posted on Nov. 20th, 2012:

“It seems to me that by issuing these leaflets, Israel is providing itself with an excuse ‘before the fact’ for causing mass civilian casualties. And if most of Gaza’s population is crammed into the centre of Gaza City, they will be sitting ducks for ‘mistakes’ and ‘accidents of war’.

“Speaking of which, how could this possibly be called a ‘war’? We have on one side people possessing little more than small-arms and rockets that rarely hit anything, and on the other side, regular forces possessing the most up-to-date weapons including tanks, artillery, jet planes and drones, lavishly supported by the world’s one remaining superpower.

“This is more like shooting frogs in a pond. It is ridiculously easy, with little likelihood of any meaningful consequence. Let’s not dignify it by calling it anything but what it is: A murderous, genocidal attack by Zionist supremacists who believe that God gave the world to them, and that they are the ‘chosen ones’ who can steal land and kill and enslave others as they see fit.”

We can expect massive civilian casualties, and targeted destruction of economic and public infrastructure, followed by an outright refusal to allow building materials and equipment in to Gaza to repair the damage.

We can also expect lavish praise and encouragement for Israel’s murderous attacks from the likes of Stephen Harper and John Baird, and I am appalled that they would take such an immoral stand on behalf of Canada.

They certainly don’t speak for me.

Before the military assault on Gaza gets into top gear, it may be instructive to read through my “Operation Pillar of Cloud” category, as it will provide a good idea of what to expect.

Perhaps the Israelis will hold off on using phosphorus bombs in civilian neighbourhoods this time around – or not…

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Gaza: A murderous, genocidal attack by Zionist supremacists” (Nov. 20th, 2012) here.

See my “Operation Pillar of Cloud” category here.

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See also “Video shows evidence of phosphorus bombs in Gaza” (The Guardian, Jan. 2009) here. (Warning- the video may be upsetting to some. If you are squeamish, just read the text).