BNP Chairman Nick Griffin banned by Buckingham Palace

At risk of being accused of “speaking after the fact”, I was wondering how the Palace might react to Griffin’s bragging, and to the request for suggestions for things Griffin could say to the Queen if she spoke with him.  The Queen simply does not get involved in public discussions of political issues.  (See “Tea with the Queen” here.)

Or did Griffin plan it this way?

Whatever.  This proffered mild but formal acceptance of the existence of the British National Party has been squandered, in my opinion.

If Griffin is trying to stir up sentiment against the Queen in nationalist and conservative circles, it would be a very serious strategic error,  and he could cause immense damage to the Party.

Jeff Goodall


The politically motivated refusal to allow British National Party leader Nick Griffin MEP to attend a tea party at Buckingham Palace is an attack on democracy, the media, freedom of speech and one million British patriots.

This was the reaction of Mr Griffin to the news that officials had informed him at the last minute that he was being barred from the party for allegedly making “political capital” out of the visit by granting media interviews.

“The reason is invented nonsense,” Mr Griffin said. “Nowhere in the book of rules given to all attendees does it say anything about not giving media interviews and of course countless people have done precisely that in the past.

“This decision is an attack on the media and their right to report on important events of the day.

“It is an attack on the right of every person in Britain to get the news of current events reported by the media, and it is an attack on the one million plus patriots who voted for the BNP,” Mr Griffin said.

“The move has obviously been made under pressure from the ConDem regime who are desperate for any reason to bar the BNP,” Mr Griffin said.

The BNP leader dismissed as nonsense the claim that he had tried to make political capital out of the invitation.

“The media would of course be interested in an invitation to a BNP MEP to attend a party at Buckingham Palace.

“To use that natural media interest as an excuse to withdraw the invitation is a disgusting disregard for democracy in Britain,” he said.

“The ruling elite must realise that blatant attempts at gagging the BNP always backfires and we will emerge from these situations and their double standards stronger than ever,” Mr Griffin said.