Obama & America’s Decline – July 19th, 2014

Illegal child-immigrant issue: Border guards getting scabies, head lice – 12 items in total…

Obama “made it clear he would press his executive powers to the limit” to prevent millions of illegal aliens from being deported

Sheriffs from several states on fact-finding mission to border

Evidence mounts that this is a “manufactured” crisis

July 18 & 19 – National days of protest across America

Hitting the boiling point over the border? – Let’s see how the protest turnout goes…

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says Obama either inept or “doesn’t care

Flood of Central American child refugees a “man-made disaster” with U.S. policies to blame

Obama wants $4 Billion for “illegal alien deluge”

Immigration by “Executive Fiat

$50 million contract given to charitable group to buy resort hotel for 600 juvenile illegal aliens

Disease threat…

Children bring in diseases “we haven’t seen in decades

Border facilities swamped, can’t provide basic medical screening before transporting illegals to holding centres