“Nature / Environment / Critters” July 23rd, 2014

11 items in total…

Italy: Mafia toxic waste dumps causing cancers in children

General: Neonicotinoids “debilitate” bees’ ability to learn about their environment and forage for pollen

Laos: Dam project threatens endangered Mekong River dolphins

China: “Insatiable demand” for ivory funds terrorism in Africa and Middle East

U.S: Just four fracking wastewater sites cause 20 percent of all central US earthquakes

General: “The decline in great whale numbers, estimated to be at least 66% and perhaps as high as 90%, has likely altered the structure and function of the oceans…”

Canada: Poaching threatens Ontario turtle populations

Nicaragua: 30,000 Mayagna and their rainforest home in danger as the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve is destroyed

U.K: Fracking poses serious risk of methane being added to key aquifers providing drinking water

Scotland: Massive shale deposits cause fracking controversy

U.S: Wind energy farm granted “permit” to kill Bald Eagles – now others want permits too…