Mommy! Mommy! Look what I did!!!

“Anti-Racist Canada” crows over my withdrawal from election race:

“Goodall provides a number of reasons why he is dropping out, including his age and the strain of running a city-wide campaign. All of this may be true But (sic) it is also true that he dropped out three days after our article appeared…”

Well, it didn’t take long for the self-righteous and always-anonymous Anti-Racist Canada “collective” to latch on to my withdrawal from the Oshawa City Councillor race, in order to partly-gee-maybe claim credit for my decision to pull out.

It’s surprising how “needy” they seem to be, insinuating that their previous item about my candidacy might somehow be responsible for my withdrawal. I find it rather sad that they seem desperate enough to claim a victory of sorts, even if only on the basis of a chronological coincidence…

As it is, I realized what I had to do, and this is a personal tragedy for me. If I had tried running as little as eight years ago it may well have worked, as we still had a ward system then.

What a sad, pathetic world these anonymous people live in!

Jeff Goodall.

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