“Is Canada a failed state” revisited…

Astonishingly, a letter I sent to the Toronto Sun on August 8th was published today, albeit greatly condensed, way past the usual five or six days after which you can forget any hope of your precious missive appearing in print.

The original letter, see “Is Canada a ‘failed state’ because of political correctness?” below, referred to two news items appearing in the Sun, and the printed version has been edited to remove my references to an editorial in which the Sun heavily criticized the granting of bail to a Black man charged with murder in a drive-by shooting in Toronto.

All that’s left is my critique of the justice system for dropping no less than 26 charges against another Black man, a serial counterfeit bill passer, so that he wouldn’t be deported to his native Jamaica.

I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies…

Here are links to the various items referred to above, and I suggest that taking a look at them will give rise to serious concerns about how Canada mollycoddles imported criminals, and fails to secure the safety of its citizens in favour of “political correctness”.

Time to pay some serious attention…

Jeff Goodall.

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