Is Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow a “racist”?

“Asked by a reader about how she would be different than former mayor David Miller, Chow answered ‘I’m not white. Not male. Want to start there?’… Chow made headlines for appealing to a specific demographic last week after urging citizens of Toronto living in Hong Kong to end the ‘embarrassment’ of Rob Ford’s tenure by voting for her in the forthcoming mayoral election. Chow moved from Hong Kong to Canada with her family when she was 13 years old.” – Huffington post, April 2014, (emphasis added). (1).

She is one very ungrateful immigrant one might think, although of course there is a certain entitlement to be racist these days if one is priviliged enough to belong to a minority, particularly if one is also a politically-correct socialist.

Then again, I think that appealing to “absentee Canadians” for voting support on racial grounds is pushing it even for the widow of “Saint Jack”… there are plenty of “absentee Canadians” to be found throughout the entire world, not just in Hong Kong.

But, there are additional grounds to be concerned about Chow becoming a senior politician, and that is her attitude towards the police. In June 2000, a full decade before Toronto’s G-20 debacle, a Canada Free Press editorial headed “Cop basher Olivia Chow” (2) had this to say: “Media darling Olivia Chow has always loved theatre. As one of the more radical trustees at the Toronto Board of Education, she could always be counted on to incite student unrest, on one occasion providing bullhorns, said to later have been used as weapons during a chaotic student protest.”

Chow’s fellow Chinese immigrant Susan Eng was a member of the Toronto Police Services Board from 1991 to 1995, and was assisted by then-councillor Chow in getting that appointment. Eng then went on to do serious damage to police/public trust; according to Wikipedia, “she supported Rae’s police ‘reform’ package, including mandatory reporting of each time an officer unholstered their gun.” (3).

She also had a very public disagreement with her cousin Ben Eng, a Metro police sergeant. Again according to Wikipedia, “Ben had went against Metro Toronto Police policy and compiled statistics on the criminal activities of recent refugees from Vietnam and mainland China, finding that this relatively small group of people was involved in a disproportionately high number of crimes in Metro and reporting this to the Toronto Crime Inquiry. Susan said that such reporting was biased and racist and publicly criticized Ben.”

Chow subsequently also became a member of the TPSB, but was forced to resign in June of 2000. According to the Canada Free Press article, she is reported as having been subjected to complaints by the Toronto Police Association, as in “We have received information from our members that Olivia Chow interfered with police activity and overstepped her authority as a member of the police services board… We are asking the Chief of Police to have Olivia Chow investigated for criminal acts, including Breach of Trust, Obstruct Police, as well as breaches under the Police Services Act.”

Moving back to the present, Chow now has major support from OFL boss Sid Ryan, as can be seen from the Newstalk 1010 post “Ontario Federation of Labour activating war room to help Olivia Chow” (4), in which we are told that “Part of the big labour movement that campaigned hard to keep Tim Hudak out of the Premier’s office this spring has set its sights on a new political target: Toronto City Hall… Ontario Federation of Labour President Sid Ryan revealed the group is re-purposing its war room to help elect Olivia Chow mayor… After that, the OFL will focus on bringing down the Harper government in next year’s federal election set for October 19, 2015.”

(As a side issue, were the members of the OFL’s affiliated unions ever consulted on any of these initiatives? The financing for all of this is coming straight out of their pockets…)

Interestingly, some twenty or so years ago, Brian O’Keefe, who was later to join Sid Ryan as Treasurer of CUPE Ontario while Sid was President, was shown in the CUPE Local 79 publication “News ‘N’ Views” welcoming a delegation from Communist China to the CUPE Local 79 headquarters in Toronto…

What exactly is going on here? If all the information above is examined in total, there is nothing to contradict my notion that Red China is engaging in a long-term plan to subvert Canada, using both immigrants and local ideological supporters acting in tandem.

I may be right, and I may be wrong, but I think we need to pay some serious attention to the possibilities.

Something to think about…

Jeff Goodall.

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