Another Chinese-born mayoral hopeful, this time in Vancouver

“Hong Kong emigrant Meena Wong has launched a bid to become the first Chinese mayor of Vancouver, one of the world’s most Chinese cities outside Asia… Wong… was born in Beijing but moved to Hong Kong in the 1970s at the age of 11. Eight years later, she moved to Vancouver as a student, then to Toronto where she became an assistant to Hong Kong emigrant Olivia Chow, who is running for the mayoralty of Toronto…” – South China Morning Post (SCMP) Sept. 8th, 2014.

I find myself wondering why so many Chinese immigrants from Communist China, or from the Hong Kong “Special Administrative Region” (which at least on paper seems to have some fear of the Peoples’ Republic), manage to retain socialist political beliefs.

At risk of seeming mean-spirited, I tend to have serious doubts about their motivations in coming to Canada, particularly when the SCMP tells us that Meena Wong is looking to Hong Kong’s governmental practices for inspiration regarding housing policies in Vancouver; if Hong Kong does it better, then why are you here, Meena?

As I recollect it, Chinese “citizens of convenience” have spent several decades pricing Vancouver housing way beyond the reach of the average wage-earner, and in my opinion, they bear at least some responsibility for the “large homeless population” complained of by Wong’s municipal political party the “Coalition of Progressive Electors” (Cope).

It will be interesting to see how many Hong Kong proxy votes will be cast in Meena Wong’s favour…

“Democracy” now means that substantial foreign-based “voting blocs” are being catered to and fawned over by White politicians who should be putting our interests first, and is thus becoming the primary instrument of our dispossession.

“Those whom the gods would destroy”…

Jeff Goodall.

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“What exactly is going on here? If all the information above is examined in total, there is nothing to contradict my notion that Red China is engaging in a long-term plan to subvert Canada, using both immigrants and local ideological supporters acting in tandem.”

And, “Claiming Chinese heritage to court Vancouver vote” SCMP (March, 2008) here.

“I don’t want to just be a Chinese candidate…My role is to represent everyone in the city.” – Mayoral candidate Raymond Louie.