Scotland votes on Thursday…

I am greatly concerned at the possibility of serious civil unrest and disturbances if the “yes” vote succeeds, particularly in England where the Scots have a reputation for being aloof and considering themselves superior to the English (*).  They want all the benefits of the Union, but have their own Scottish clubs and don’t mix much with their benefactors. It might not be a good idea to be English living in Scotland either, but the numbers are far less.

The worst possible result, in my opinion, will be a resounding “no” vote, as that will mean that central government promises of devolution have succeeded, and the English can expect a never-ending succession of demands and concessions intended to “buy” Scottish loyalty to the Union.

The devolution gravy-train will cost the rest of the Union dearly in terms of demands for autonomy, economic concessions, cultural accommodations, and outright cash.

David Cameron reportedly just remarked that a “yes” vote would “break British hearts”, but in my humble opinion, a “no” vote will break English wallets…

As of right now, the yelling and screaming has reached a meaningless crescendo of emotional gibberish, and I will have nothing more to say on the issue until the votes are counted and the result is officially declared.

Let’s see how it goes.

Jeff Goodall.

(*) – The following article posted by Macedonia Online yesterday clearly indicates the possibility of violence, and where and how it might occur.  See “BBC’s Anti-Independence Campaign Enrages Scottish” here.

I can just imagine the English reaction to such behavior following the vote…

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