“Please seek respite… before engaging gears of you gob”

“No other race in the world is so stupid as to allow itself to be flooded by foreigners, and if this continues then in my opinion we will inevitably reach a point where violence will be the unavoidable reaction to this unnatural and forced state of affairs.”

The above quote is taken from an exchange of comments I am presently engaged in with a person who is obviously an immigrant and who appears to be sensitive to criticisms of “the children of colour”.

These comments appear below an article in the Toronto Sun today headed “The battle to replace Hurricane Hazel” regarding the candidates lining up to replace Mississauga’s 94 year old Mayor Hazel McCallion, who has decided not to run again after spending 36 years wearing Mississauga’s chain of office.

As is inevitably the case with “comments” in the Toronto Sun, often written by people emboldened by the illusion of anonymity, postings veered off in a number of directions totally unconnected to the matter at hand. And as I have said in the past about writing letters to the editor, “…name-calling and bad language might go over well in the ‘comments’ to be found beneath the published letters, very often the comments contain little else, but such content will get you disqualified instantly as far as letters are concerned.”

Anyway, this is how this particular exchange has progressed so far:


Third world sentiments on immigrants and obviously oblivious to what is a success story for Mississauga …What a dynamic place with all the rainbow of cultures contributing to the progress of the community at large.

Get used to it for it is too late to complain and reverse the picture.

Jeff Goodall

To me, a “rainbow of cultures” means female genital mutilation, honour killings, family violence, paternal disregard for child-rearing, ambivalence towards getting an education, and incessant demands for us to change our ways to suit newcomers.
And if you think it is too late to reverse the picture, you are mistaken. It is unrealistic to expect people to tolerate this abuse forever, and I don’t think they will.


Obviously, your mind is on a track of its own and like Harper, you see or invent demons where they do not exist. Perhaps a consequence of past scars in the home or elsewhere?
None of what it means to you has any merit as rampant .e.g . Education? The children of colour are a dominant force at any school, college or University. Ask the educators.
I reiterate, the picture cannot be reversed. They are here to stay just like your ancestry from whatever hell hole they escaped from …the Irish potato famine, convicts from Britain ……
Please seek respite by examining facts before engaging gears of you gob.

Jeff Goodall

“Gears of you gob” indeed! Well, that sums up the quality of your viewpoint very nicely.
I forgot to go into the other joys of multiculturalism, such as massive increases in housing and welfare costs, and substantial increases in policing and jail costs due to burgeoning crime rates.
I am 68 years old and was born in England when it was still White. I came to Canada while it too was still White, and there is no way you are going to tell me that this is an improvement.
Crimes involving guns were few and far between then, but now they are commonplace, and the vast majority of them are not being committed by White people.
No other race in the world is so stupid as to allow itself to be flooded by foreigners, and if this continues then in my opinion we will inevitably reach a point where violence will be the unavoidable reaction to this unnatural and forced state of affairs.


So from your viewpoint, the White race is really stupid for allowing the intermingling of different races, creeds, colours and so on.  Now that is a novel idea, don’t you think. ??  I wonder what the old colonialists thought when they embarked on colonising the East and the West and planting the Union Jack wherever they felt like and merely by declaring possession in the name of that ugly woman called Queen Victoria. Those natives were indeed very stupid the allow the toffee nosed scoundrels to impose their will on them.  So there, my dear lady.

Jeff Goodall

There is nothing novel about races, and tribes and other sub-divisions of races, protecting their territory to ensure their continued survival. Queen Victoria presided over the most stable period of the British empire, and Canada is one of many countries resulting from an extended period of White European colonialism.  Deal with it.
Learning from history, I can see that if we fail to defend our new territories, we will go the same way as the people who were the original owners. That’s the way of the world, and the way of human nature.
“Those natives were indeed very stupid”? Actually, they fought back heroically but were unable to prevail over superior weapons technologies and organisational abilities. Now it seems to be the intention to defeat US by using “political correctness” and forced social experimentation, but people will eventually wake up, human beings are hard-wired that way.
And that is why I am concerned about future violence…


You are bent upon shortening your own existence on mother earth with pervasive paranoia..
You can worry yourself to death but your contribution , whatever intentions you have, will amount to Zero. That too is the way of this world. Lighten up and make some multicoloured friends and watch the quality of your life shoot up like never before. Paranoia and innuendo will eat you up until your soul hurts.

Jeff Goodall

My goodness, you presume a great deal!
In my opinion, ideologies and policies should be based on facts, not pie-in-the-sky altruism, and those why try to ignore or “alter” facts to suit their idealistic indulgencies ultimately cause devastating problems not just for themselves, but for everybody else.
My patience for you has run out, please have the last word 🙂

At the time of writing I am waiting to see if any further response will require my attention. And, of course, it is aways possible that my comments, (and likely only mine), will be flagged as “offensive” by the Toronto Sun and deleted.

We shall see.

Jeff Goodall.

See “The battle to replace Hurricane Hazel” here. Scroll down a little more than half-way to see the comments in question, presuming they are still there… 🙂