Teen with loaded gun walks free because of “racial profiling”

On August 7th this year, the Toronto Sun carried an article regarding the granting of bail to a young Black man charged with first degree murder in the drive-by shooting of Andrea White, a young White woman with four children who seems to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In a rather bizarre touch, we are told that the accused has a criminal justice degree from Northeastern University in Massachusetts. Perhaps he majored in bail hearings…

For some reason, publication bans are now mandatory when requested by the defence, despite the fact that the public interest must be taken into account when bail requests are made. If we are unable to learn why bail is granted, we are unable to make our own judgement as to whether or not the public interest was properly served, and we cannot evaluate the decisions made by the judiciary. That certainly applies in this case (1).

Since then, several other disturbing events have occurred, all of which inspire serious concern as to the influence of “political correctness” in bail granting, particularly where “minorities” are concerned.

And there appears to be substantial influence in the withdrawal of charges, and in sentencing as well…

More recently, in my neck of the woods, Hamza Tariq was freed on $10,000 bail after he was charged with aggravated assault and other offences following a fight at a UOIT campus coffee shop in Oshawa that left a fellow student with life-threatening injuries. A knife was used (2).

Equally disturbing was a Toronto case last month in which a teen apprehended while carrying a loaded handgun in his pocket walked free after the judge accused the police of “racial profiling” and carrying out an illegal search (3).

I have already written about the case in which a Barrie Crown Attorney withdrew no less than 26 money-laundering charges against a Jamaican whose (White) pregnant wife and partner-in-crime was jailed on same rap, so that he wouldn’t be deported (4).

And just last week, Eric Duhaime’s column “Losing faith in our justice system” appeared in the Toronto Sun telling us that “…the prosecutor asked that Emma Czornobaj, the woman who caused a fatal collision when she stopped her car on a highway to rescue ducklings, receive a nine-month prison term” as contrasted with the case of “Guy Turcotte, a former physician who admitted stabbing his two young children 46 times, (who) was freed on bail while waiting for his second murder trial” (5).

There are far too many examples of mollycoddling and apparent favouratism towards criminally-minded persons, particularly foreigners, in consequence of which White people in particular are becoming easy targets.

The quality of life for White Canadians has been drastically reduced by this unconscionable tolerance for the rampact crime being committed by far too many imported neer-do-wells, and if firm corrective action is not taken, there will be a very nasty reaction in the not-too-distant future.

Heed my words…

Things will get a lot worse before they get better.

Jeff Goodall.

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