Muslim terrorism finally comes to Canada

“Ottawa – At least two people were shot after multiple gunmen opened fire on Parliament Hill Wednesday morning. One of those shot appears to be a soldier… The other, shot just outside the Library of Parliament, may be one of the gunmen… Veteran Affairs Minister Julian Fantino told QMI Agency that Parliament’s sergeant-at-arms shot one gunman dead.” – Toronto Sun.

Coming only two days after the hit-and-run car attack on two Canadian soldiers, killing one and seriously injuring the other, we now have a terror attack on Parliament Hill, apparently aimed at the Conservative caucus. It is too soon to have precise details, but we do know that one soldier is dead, and also that one of the attackers was shot dead by the Sergeant-At-Arms, a former RCMP officer.

Terrorism struck “ordinary” Canadians as they go about their daily lives just two days ago, and now this. We have had threats and reports of plots before, including one bizarre plan to get into Parliament and behead the Prime Minister, but now it has actually happened.

I expect two things from this. Firstly, it is not going to be that great an idea to wear hijabs and burquas any more, and secondly, there will be vicious attempts to impose dictatorial restrictions on the public in order to “protect” us.

In the car attack, the Prime Minister‘s Office was reported as saying that “Federal authorities have confirmed that there are clear indications that the individual had become radicalized”. Bearing in mind that the perpetrator called 911 after the attack to announce that he was “acting in the name of Allah”, that would seem to be a pretty safe bet…

One disturbing aspect of the numerous stories about Monday’s incident is that the perpetrator is repeatedly referred to as “radicalized” rather than as “Muslim”. That is dangerously misleading. The Muslim religion requires its members to wage war against the infidel, and either you are a good Muslim or you are not. The Muslim religion bears a strong resemblance to the Mafia in some respects, including the requirement that “apostates”, or people who leave the faith, must be killed.

The great majority of Muslims in the West may be regarded as “moderate”, but they are merely watching to see if “their” side will win. Their presence provides cover to “radicals”, and additionally, they do not hesitate to try to impose their culture and way of life on us as their numbers increase.

Their demands become greater and greater, and as we have seen in the U.K., once they gain a degree of power in local politics and school boards, they will not hesitate to use their political clout to impose their will, up to and including having “Sharia squads” monitor schoolchildren, segregating the girls and boys, and smashing Easter eggs and any other manifestation of Christianity.

In a sense, I am glad about these two events. Canadians will now come out of their torpor and realise that they are under direct personal threat, and that they must take action to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Perhaps now we will begin to climb out of the deep pit of denial, and begin to accept the fact that not all people, races and religions are like us, and that catering to them is usually a recipe for disaster.

Jeff Goodall.

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