Obama & America’s Decline – Oct. 24th, 2014

Twelve items in total, including mishandling of the Ebola crisis…

Obama’s administration is preparing for its grand exit “with all intentions of taking you down with it

U.S. Forces in a “death spiral” due to neglect and under-funding

Obama administration preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits – large-scale “executive amnesty” in the works?

Appalling deceit and corruption of justice” revealed in the Sierra Pacific case

Defendants punished for behavior after jury found them not guilty, Supreme Court will not intervene

Obama says his “larger role” is obligation to make sure “Africans are safe

Courts overcrowded with “rocket docket” child illegals

Nashville police refuse to falsify warrant on Obama critic

Ebola and other stupidities…

Administration planning to admit Ebola-infected non-citizens into U.S. for treatment

Is CDC hiding enterovirus link to illegal alien kids?

Call to remove Obama from office “before he gets us all killed

White House refusal to exercise elementary precautions to prevent an Ebola outbreak