Canada’s response to terrorism is juvenile and dangerous

There is no way that the majority of people will like what I have to say, but that’s just too bad. It’s the things that people dislike that most often need to be said.

To suggest that the perpetrators of the two recent attacks were driven by “hatred” as suggested by PM Stephen Harper, or “jealousy” of us and our way of life as has been suggested by various people in the past, is short-sighted and unrealistic.

Muslims want to kill us because for over ten years now we have been killing them, both on the ground and from the air. It doesn’t matter if our politicians think we are doing the right thing; the other side also thinks they are doing the right thing, or they wouldn’t be doing it.

“Gott mit uns” is universal once casualties occur…

The practical reality is that if we start killing people on their own turf, it’s just a matter of time before they start killing us on our turf, and the only surprise to me is that it took so long for them to actually achieve concrete results in this thoroughly predictable endeavour. 

And, what is with the Ontario government’s “minute of silence” routine? That reminds me of the Federal government’s holding a minute of silence the first time one of our soldiers was killed in Afghnistan. I remember thinking at the time how incredibly stupid that was; the Taliban would say to themselves, look at what happens if we kill just one of them! Let’s kill a few more, and they will soon be gone.

They were given a massive incentive to fight back, and we lost 158 troops, plus many more to PTSD-induced suicide. And yet nothing has really changed over there, despite all the money and lives we spent on this dubious “mission”.

And why are we doing this? I think it has a lot to do with Israel’s desire to have the West “take out” or otherwise pulverize its enemies. Either the Israeli-controlled Americans ask us to help them carry out Israel’s wishes, or Steven Harper complies directly with Israeli wishes.

Early in 2012 Foreign Minister John Baird was quoted as saying that “Israel has no greater friend in the world today than Canada… It’s about values” and Defence Minister Peter MacKay said a few years ago that if you don’t support the mission, then you don’t support the troops.

Harper’s grovelling to Israeli interests, and his ludicrous “rock-star welcome” on his visit to Israel earlier this year, are something to ponder upon. On January 18th this year, Haaretz started off its article “What makes Canada’s PM one of Israel’s staunchest supporters?” by observing that “Since his election in 2006, Stephen Harper has been full throated, unapologetic and seemingly indifferent to consequence in his support for Israel.”

Perhaps more significantly, we are also told that “Canada has sided openly with Israel in every one of its military operations since 2006.”

Since when do politicians, supposedly dependent on the electorate at home, favour a foreign country regardless of the consequences? There is a lot more to this than we can presently see…

In my opinion, the Afghanistan mission was unjustified and immoral war-mongering, but that is not in any way going to influence my support for the troops. Instead, it simply increases my anger and contempt towards those who put our brave soldiers in harm’s way in order to achieve a few Brownie points with people who use us for their own devious purposes.

More juvenile emotionalism resulting from these attacks includes requests to parade our two recently-killed soldiers along the “Highway of Heroes”, the stretch of Highway 401 between Trenton air force base and Toronto, for morbid applause from bridges and overpasses in a self-induced fit of emotional abandon.

Also, we are being solicited to send “on-line condolences” to the families of the fallen, and it has been suggested that Royal Canadian Legion branches start selling poppies earlier than usual, although people who have not bought them in the past are a little late to start buying them now.

In my humble opinion, this plays right into the hands of the enemy as we work ourselves into a frenzy of blubbering and grief. And our idiot political leaders actually had a “hug-a-thon” in Parliament? Dear God, what a hideous sight that was.

We have taken a hit, and we have to stand firm and confront the enemy – an enemy we need not have had, if commonsense and putting our own interests first had ruled the day.

Israel has had its lackeys destroy the strong-man rulers of Libya and Iraq, reducing these previously strong and cohesive countries to squabbling fiefdoms, although Syria seems to be holding together under similar attack, at least for now. Iran is the next big target, and Israeli pressure and agitation for the U.S. and others to attack is reaching a crescendo.

Less thought of is Pakistan, the only Muslim country known to actually possess nuclear weapons, which is bordered by Afghanistan. Control of Afghnistan will make it far easier to seize and hold Pakistan’s weapons of mass destruction, and there has already been reports of Pakistani nukes being loaded onto carriers and driven aimlessly around the country in order to make it impossible to grab them all simultaneously.

Perhaps as an unintended consequence, this defensive move by Pakistan may make it easier for such weapons to be stolen by terrorists who wish to use them against us…

I am utterly appalled at the reaction of our politicians to these events, and I fear for the future.

Such seeming weakness will only encourage more attacks against us, not necessarily always against members of the armed forces, and will provide more ammunition for those who wish to take away our freedoms in the name of safety.

This has been coming for a long time, and it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Jeff Goodall.

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