Bill C-518 – Third reading takes place January 26th

Here is the partial text of an email I just received from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

“Bill C-518 is coming back to Parliament for third reading this upcoming Monday, January 26th at 11am… As you’ll recall, this is a private members bill that would revoke the taxpayer-funded pension from MPs and Senators convicted of serious crimes against taxpayers – crimes like theft, breach of trust and bribery… We need to ensure MPs who are on the fence are pushed to support this bill. Can you contact your MP and ask them whether they will vote yea or nay on C-518 on Monday at 11am?”

You can find your MP by entering your postal code here.

You can sign the CTF’s petition on this issue here.

If you get a response, you can notify the CTF of your MP’s position on this Bill at

Jeff Goodall.