Caucasian persuasion…

Re “City staff ‘insulted’ by survey” (Joe Warmington, Jan 22): I spent 25 years with Metro Toronto and the City of Toronto, including six years as a steward and 14 years on the Local 79 executive board. There is absolutely nothing new about the city’s “human rights” practitioners using the employees as guinea pigs on which to practice social engineering concepts, and over the years, the number of “minority” groupings has greatly expanded to meet the need…

…Usually, the local can be counted upon to act against the best interests of its members by using compulsory dues for political purposes, and by supporting “politically correct” causes to the detriment of the majority of its members. In this case, for some unfathomable reason, CUPE Local 79 isn’t entirely in lock-step with the people-planners, a cause for celebration indeed! But for those of us of the “Caucasian persuasion,” the fact remains that filling out such forms has a very detrimental effect on our future prospects for advancement, an injustice to which the labour movement remains totally indifferent.

Jeff Goodall


(We don’t understand the purpose of a voluntary survey and we’d oppose a compulsory one)

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