A “conscience clause” for Ulster’s equality legislation?

“While he would argue that it is about protecting the rights of those with particular beliefs based on their Christianity (beliefs shared by him and many of his DUP colleagues), his opponents contend that it is about giving those people the right to opt out of equality legislation and discriminate against homosexuals.” – Belfast Telegraph story.

Well, that draws the battle-lines very clearly, particularly as there is a determined petition to oppose Givan’s initiative, and the religious right is being accused of “twisting truth to present themselves as victims…”

This is a remarkable fight-back against the use of “equality” legislation to attack Christian principles and trample them into the mud, and needs to be supported. Paul Givan’s stand on equal rights for Christians to act according to their conscience is vitally important.

Success with his private member’s bill will set a badly-needed precedent for a breakthrough in stopping LGBT aggression against Christians everywhere.

The Belfast Telegraph article can be read here.

Read about the Ashers bakery case and comedian and “gay” activist Stephen Fry here.

Paul Givan can be reached as follows:
Parliament Buildings, Room 309,
Ballymiscaw, Stormont,
Belfast – BT4 3XX

The Democratic Unionist Party can be reached here: info@mydup.com

(This seems to be an all-purpose email address, I suggest marking your email to Givan’s attention…)

Jeff Goodall.

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