More “autism entitlement” results in lawsuit for $16 million

“Christian and his mother Karen are seeking almost $16 million in damages from a lengthy list of defendants that includes PDSB superintendents, principals, teachers and staff at the various schools he attended over a period of seven years.”

One may wonder just why it took seven years to respond to the continual alleged mis-treatment that he received at the hands of school authorities, particularly in view of the accusation that he was often denied access to washroom facilities. And why $16 million? That seems as ridiculous as some of the claims appear to be…

The amount of effort gone to in collating all the names of the parties involved, and details of alleged incidents, can only have been carried out over a lengthy period of time. And to me, the arrogant and demanding facial expressions of the mother and boy in the Toronto Star’s posed photograph strongly hint as to their mind-set. None of the allegations have been proved in court, or been defended as yet. It will be interesting to see what comes out during the proceedings.

This issue needs to be re-visited. Trying to educate children with autism can be very disruptive to the other children, and interferes with their learning experience. Autistic children are often accompanied by as many as three adults, and there is even talk of having them accompanied by specially-trained dogs that can calm them down when they get excited. They are sent home if they can’t settle in, and have no meaningful likelihood of ever finding regular employment.

The cost to society is too great, and serious efforts must be made to find better ways to deal with the situation; at a bare minimum, the requirement that they must attend school like all other children should be removed, and more suitable means found to give them mental stimulation and enjoyment in life.

Enough is enough.

Jeff Goodall.

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