“Free speech issues” – March 14th, 2015

U.K: “Pre-rapists” – Stepford students and the “right to feel comfortable…”

U.K: “De facto blasphemy law” self-imposes Sharia law

U.K: “(T)hose who spread hate but do not break laws” targeted – anyone who criticizes Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an “extremist” and: Promoting “British values” by curbing free speech

Canada: Time to repeal our remaining laws against hate speech – “…by giving in to the heckler’s veto, we simply create more hecklers, and more raucous hecklers, at that”

Internet: “Which is why it (the Internet) must be and will be censored… First, ‘hate speech’ will be banned. The government will tell us whom we can hate and whom we cannot. ‘Hatred’ will be vaguely defined so that one will never be sure when one is engaging in it and, since it will be prosecutable, one will have to be very careful. Disapproval of favored groups, or of their behavior, will be defined as hatred. National security will be invoked, silencing whistle-blowers or, eventually, anything that might make the public uneasy with Washington’s wars.”