Perils of Diversity – March 31st, 2015

Eight items in total…

Toronto: Racialized Students’ Collective says “ethnic minorities deserve safe spaces without white people”

Massively disproportionate numbers of black children in foster and group home care mean “the African Canadian community needs its own children’s aid society”

Oshawa: Ontario Justice of the Peace Review Council told Black JP’s testimony “replete with inconsistency, an air of insincerity and efforts to adjust his testimony to minimize the inappropriateness of his conduct”

Toronto: First-degree murder warrants for two brothers in killing of 17-year-old

Brampton: York Regional Police sergeant charged in extortion plot

Toronto: Thief has broken into “dozens of vehicles” in North York and Scarborough recently

Hamilton: Brothers charged after four stabbed at St. Patrick’s Day party

Ajax: Black councillor removed from office because of “incomplete election finance statement”; owes constituents for money “borrowed” for nightclub, convicted for not having liquor license

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