The “Kingsmount Circus” strikes again…

I wouldn’t bother to respond to Don Andrews’ latest bizarre and confused missive “Greedy Jeff Goodall Makes Me Sick” (?!) except for the fact that it contains an error of fact which I cannot leave unanswered.

But first, here is the text of his current entry in the Nationalist Party of Canada’s website:

Greedy Jeff Goodall Makes Me Sick
April 24, 2015
To: Jeff Goodall;

Are you a mental miser, supporting Mike the Knife Harris’ cutbacks on white community social services and the Zionist cabal in Ottawa? Wake up, Jeff with your dumb letter in the Toronto Sun.
And you were a member of the Edmund Burke Society and the Western Guard? Stop your wimpy suckholing to the Conservatives. You should know better by now supporting anti-racist white traitors. That’s worse than any grammatical errors on the NPC site, pal.
Greed before your race never works in the long run.
Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada

Interestingly, although this current rant is dated April 24th, (the day my letter was published in the Toronto Sun), it was not posted until sometime yesterday, as it was not there when I took a look at his Nationalist Party of Canada website yesterday morning – something which I do daily, precisely because of such occasional bizarre eruptions.

Although I will not link to the NPC website as a matter of principle, there is a link to the letter in question below, and anyone who wishes to compare my letter with Andrews’ “critique” is welcome to do so…

The error of fact is quite simply this: I was never a member of the Western Guard.

In fact, although I was perfectly happy in the Edmund Burke Society and with our considerable successes in opposing assorted draft dodgers, the “Canadians for the National Liberation Front”, various peaceniks, and assorted long-haired hippie-freak wierdos, I was aware of what I considered to be more extreme under-currents within the EBS, and bailed out after a meeting at which we were advised of the pending name change and new orientation.

I saw the writing on the wall, and I was gone.

I set up my own organisation “The New Right”, and my own publication “The Challenge”, neither of which lasted too long as I quickly came to realize the futility of devoting all of my own time to this endeavour in addition to holding down a demanding full-time job as a bookkeeper/paymaster.

I do things my own way, and while I can be co-operative (or at least non-obstructive) regarding others who share my concerns – regardless of my opinion as to their ideology and approach – I have no time or patience for erratic, self-appointed leaders who will not brook any dissent, or tolerate the presence of anyone capable of challenging them. And, I cannot allow Andrews’ inaccurate statement that I was a member of the Western Guard to stand unchallenged.

Beyond that, I have better things to do…

Jeff Goodall.

You can read the Toronto Sun letter here.

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