“Nature / Environment / Critters” May 15th, 2015

Eight items in total…

Nigeria: 28 children killed by lead poisoining resulting from illegal gold mining

California: Nestle still bottling and selling water in the middle of a drought

U.S: Ethanol refining could be releasing far larger amounts of ozone-forming compounds than government estimates suggest

China: War on pollution “now a matter of survival” – China is the leading aggregate emitter of greenhouse gases…

Canada: Dead goslings fell from rooftop nest after “goose control contractor” used loud noises to scare them

Middle East: Iran has severe water shortages and NASA satellite images show Tigris and Euphrates river basins suffering “alarming” loss of water – see here and here.

Deepwater fish found to be warm-blooded like mammals and birds

California: Property rights rules need to be updated to counter aquifer pollution